Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Nitty-Gritty

So here's the nitty-gritty.  My failure was due to being out of weight and BCA standards.  I believe my weight was at 265 and my BCA was at 26%.  (If this is incorrect I'll update it with accurate numbers when I get them). 

My goal is to lose weight and cut my BCA down to within standards.  To be more specific, I would like to eventual be at 190 and 20%.   Sooo... 75 lbs.  6% body fat.  6 month goal makes that 12.5 lbs/month and 1%/month.   

Additionally, I am challenging myself to fit into a medium shirt size, and size 36 jeans at the end of that 6 months. 

Here goes nothing. 

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